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51. Why not Italy??

I recently heard a mom recite the Emily Perl Kingsley poem, “Welcome to Holland.  This has been the mainstay of describing parental emotions for decades.  When I first heard it, I understood the message as a newbie parent and was … Continue reading

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37. Feeling the Power of Knowledge

Self-advocacy and self-empowerment begin once we start to acquire information.  What happens when finally we find the information lifeline and the light bulb of understanding becomes lit?  I have shared, previously, the frustration I felt when I did not have access … Continue reading

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34 Parents Have Impact at the Local Level!

Where does a parents’ voice for change have the greatest impact?  Washington?  No.  The State Capital?  No.  The answer lies in the community in which you live.  The local elected officials that represent you is the answer, your local school … Continue reading

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