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51. Why not Italy??

I recently heard a mom recite the Emily Perl Kingsley poem, “Welcome to Holland.  This has been the mainstay of describing parental emotions for decades.  When I first heard it, I understood the message as a newbie parent and was … Continue reading

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47. You Have to Do More Than Just Show Up

If you want positive outcomes, it’s important to do more than just show up once a year! Preparation and continued involvement throughout the year are what it takes to see adequate gains. Otherwise, the odds are that you will be disappointed … Continue reading

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46. Slaying Dragons: The Art of Picking Your Battles

How does one remain focused when choosing the direction in which to expend one’s energy?  As much as you might want to take on all comers and issues, there simply is not enough time or energy to do everything.  So … Continue reading

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