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49. Transition, the Natural Progression Toward Independence

The transition process does not just happen the last year of school, I believe it begins at birth. It is what we as parents naturally do when teaching our children to take care of themselves, and that learning process continues … Continue reading

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45. Rebooting Our Systems after Breaks

It’s now October and the school year is well underway.  I hope all you parents out there used this past summer as a time to rest and recharge your batteries as much as possible.  I am sitting here thinking of the … Continue reading

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7. Finding a Lifeline

We began to meet as a small parent group and look at what options were available to us. We asked to be placed on the School Board agenda and went before our elected officials to state our case.  (http://mn.gov/mnddc/pipm/makingyourcase/index.html) I … Continue reading

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6. Welcome to Grassroots Parent Advocacy

When I walked into the IEP meeting, the first thing I noticed was that there were some new people in attendance.  One identified herself as the Special Education Director who was  there representing the school board.  (http://nichcy.org/schoolage/iep/team/representative)    There  seemed to … Continue reading

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5. Third Grade

My son was doing well as he entered into the third grade. He was an accepted part of hisclass, school and community. Yes he was the only student with hearing loss but he could read lips and with his residual … Continue reading

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