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50. Exploring the World of Eligibility after Entitlement

Exploring the world of eligibility after entitlement, a place where only the tenacious excel. I recently helped a friend with a disability apply for adult services. What a rude awakening to a whole other process. There is no lever of … Continue reading

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49. Transition, the Natural Progression Toward Independence

The transition process does not just happen the last year of school, I believe it begins at birth. It is what we as parents naturally do when teaching our children to take care of themselves, and that learning process continues … Continue reading

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45. Rebooting Our Systems after Breaks

It’s now October and the school year is well underway.  I hope all you parents out there used this past summer as a time to rest and recharge your batteries as much as possible.  I am sitting here thinking of the … Continue reading

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44. Focus on the Positive

I recently posted a story written by a father about his daughter on the Florida Fathers Network page. Of several comments I received, one stood out to me. It reflected that we all need to hear more about positive things … Continue reading

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40. Trust Given Is So Hard To Get Back Once Lost.

Trust given is so hard to get back once lost. In the beginning, with blind trust in the professionals working with our child, there was never a need for conflict because there was an assumption that whatever was being done … Continue reading

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34 Parents Have Impact at the Local Level!

Where does a parents’ voice for change have the greatest impact?  Washington?  No.  The State Capital?  No.  The answer lies in the community in which you live.  The local elected officials that represent you is the answer, your local school … Continue reading

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32. Letting Go. The Right to Independence.

Along with successes come mistakes, for that is how we learn.  It is difficult to understand good unless you have experienced bad, right without wrong.  This never happens with isolation and segregation that restricts and limits exposure to life.  It … Continue reading

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